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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Reflection and Invitation

When I first started digital scrapping, I wasn't sure I was ready to move on from paper.  I knew that I couldn't afford to constantly buy paper supplies.  I dreaded pulling all of that out with a new baby.  But, I so wanted to document her life.  I wanted a completed baby book.  I had bumped into digital scrapbooking supplies online but hadn't really looked into it.  I decided to give it a try.  I already had Photoshop 7 (which is still what I'm using) and I thought I'd pick up a few freebies and give it a shot.  It wouldn't cost me anything and if I didn't like it I could always delete it.  

A world opened up to me... I LOVED it.  It took me a while to get the hang of it.... to make it look like real paper supplies.  I saw there there were styles of digital scrapping that didn't look like real paper at all.  They were interesting composites and though I thought some of them were beautiful, they weren't for me.  I had fun learning new ways to do things.  I didn't and still don't always like everything I make.  I go back and remake things.  There is nothing wrong with that.  The best part is.. I can use the same supplies over and over again if I want.  Try THAT with paper supplies.  HA!  Impossible to deconstruct and why on earth would you want to?

This went on for a few months.  We went from a 2 income family to a 1 income family.  I was now a stay at home mom and the economy was ... bad... and it's still not any better as far as I can tell or feel a difference.  So, I was a voracious freebie hunter.  (which is 1 of the reasons I like to give back now)  The problem with hunting freebies is that you pick up bits and pieces.  It's hard to put together color coordinated pages sometimes because you only have a thing or two that match.  So, I did two things to solve this problem.  1.  I started learning how to design my own things.  2.  I joined a forum.  

Learning to design my own things was and still is an ongoing learning process.  I read tutorials, followed blogs and practiced, practiced, practiced.  I also learned more that first month I decided to start a shop than I did for the year I had been practicing before.  A quality check will teach you ALOT.  If you ever wanted to learn to design,  you should keep an eye on the Scraps N Pieces forum.  There is going to be a designer mentor program/class that is going to start in March and the sign ups are going to be sometime this month in the forum.  

Joining a forum was the single BEST thing I did for myself in regards to digital scrapping.  Not only did I find a community that I enjoyed, but I also learned alot on  how to do things.  I made friends.  I found QUALITY freebies and not just a piece but full kits I could use.  I earned them.  I would complete challenges and build up points.  I caught up on my scrapping that way.  I would participate in speed scraps and earn supplies through them and I LOVED earning coupons to pick out my own supplies.  I still didn't have a scrapping budget but I was building up my supplies anyway.  I wasn't brave enough to apply to be on someone's creative team.  But, wonder of wonders, someone ASKED me to be on their team!  I was so excited to be there... and I am still excited to be on that team!  I would create layouts and freebies for them and get their kits free in return.  It works out for all involved.  They never would have known I existed if I hadn't joined that forum.  

So, today I would like to invite YOU to join a forum.  I recommend Scraps N Pieces.   But, even if you have another forum in mind.  Join one... participate... make friends... earn supplies... enjoy the community.  As you are looking around for one to join.  Make sure you read the rules... some forums only let you post pictures in their gallery from supplies purchased in their store.  There is nothing wrong with that but it wouldn't have worked for me when I started.  Find one where you are comfortable, can ask questions, and enjoy yourself. 

Have fun Scrapping!

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cjpeterson38 said...

I really enjoyed your thoughts on the forum. I want to learn to be a digital designers and I am going to look into the forum.
I also love your Evening Elegance and have only gotten three of the dl's.

Amy Owens said...

Thank you so much!

You are all caught up on Evening Elegance. Part 4 will be here on the blog on the 20th of this month. It will be here for months but that's the day it will post. Part 5 will be on facebook for the month of March. Part 6 will be a speed scrap participation prize at Scraps N Pieces. It will be March 1st at 9 pm cst but I will have extended time to complete and post the layout. I am so glad you are enjoying the kit!

Jennifer Moore said...

Amy, I am with you. I had been downloading freebies here and there, but never really getting it. Then I started participating in challenges and lurking in forums and I am loving digi-scrapping. Haven't touched my paper supplies in ages.

The Poyers said...

Loved reading this post Amy. I might write up my own version of why I digi scrap because so many people ask and dont realize how easy it is to learn! You made me want to learn to design but man I dont think I have the time! Thanks for sharing! PS I love being on your team!

Amy Owens said...

Jennifer and Ann, thank you both so much!!!

Ann, you should sign up for the class, even if you don't become a designer, you'll be able to make a piece here and there that you wish a kit had.