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Friday, February 7, 2014

I'm not a blogger.

I can write.  One of those silly Facebook polls told me that I should have been a writer.  I don't usually enjoy writing.  I can do it if I have to.  That statement alone should tell you how I feel about it.  Contrary to that, I don't mind journaling on my scrapbook pages.  I have an untold number of pages that do not have a single picture but they certainly tell a story.  I'm sure it is a mental block.  It has a completely different feel when I scrap and write than when I WRITE.  I think it's because when I'm journaling (what we'll call what I do for my scrapbook layouts) I am writing to my daughter.  I'm telling her a story, or I'm talking to my grandchildren that I hope to have in 30 or so years.  I want them to know what happened.  I want them to know me.  Who I was.  What I enjoyed.  Where I liked to go.  When I became a mother.  Why I preserved my memories for them.  It makes it so much easier than writing to "who knows" on a blog post.  Some people are excellent at it.  They can write and write and write.  I am not one of them.  I start a post and look at it.  I groan.  I force myself to say what I came to say.  I rush away as quickly as I can.  I feel as if I've been forced to speak publicly.  I would rather have surgery than give a speech.  I'm not exaggerating that either.

So, it's not you, it's me.  I want to reach out.  I want to get to know the few of you who drop by to read my little space in the world.  I want to share my life.  I am just not a blogger.  I'm okay with that.  I hope you are too.

This was me attempting to reach out.  If you would like to reach back, please connect on Facebook or the Scraps N Pieces forum.  For some reason I can do better in both of those places.

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